Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is Why I Have a Blog

If I had to guess as to how many people actually read this blog, the number would be in single digits. Less than five. Yet I keep churning out occassional bursts of random crap, once every Tuesday. So what is the point? Why bother?

Sunday was the point. The Vikings are why I bother. I'm writing for ME. I'm writing to cope.

Why does this only happen to the Vikings? Why, no matter the coaches or the personnel, does this kind of kick-in-the-groin shit happen EVERY YEAR with this team? I don't get it. I may never get it. Will there be a payoff to all this eventually? That's so far off that I haven't even come close to developing any sort of capacity to imagine what a payoff would even be, after all these horrendous games. I can rattle off the top of my head a "Ten Worst Losses in Franchise History" list that will rival any other team in sports, and it takes me ten minutes to think of three memorable wins.

Why? WHY?

Why does the D-line get in Peyton's face the entire game, only to completely disappear in the 4th quarter? Why does Adam Vinateri miss that 30 yard chip shot just to tease everyone? Why does Peyton look like mid-90s Dan Marino for three quarters, then somehow reverts to mid-80s Dan Marino in the fourth? Why do they not run screens and swing passes to get AD the ball in the open field? Why is the defense stone cold against the run all day, but the Colts are able to run Dominic Rhodes two and a half yards out on a two point conversion?

Why is Tarvaris Jackson the starting quarterback when Brad Childress clearly doesn't have any confidence in him running a basic pass play that doesn't involve a rollout with three different checkdown receivers that are five yards out? Why doesn't Brad Childress watch tape on his own offense and realize that what he's been trying to do for the past 34 games HASN'T BEEN WORKING? Why couldn't Zygi Wilf let Childress keep on going to Green Bay where the Packers would have eventually hired him? Why did this have to happen in Week 2 and potentially kill the entire season?

Most importantly, why do I continue to sucker myself into this? Should I just get out now? Is that even possible? What are the ethics involved in something like that? Would I be a bad person for giving up on a team? Would that say something about my character? But how ashamed should I be, according to the usual standards of modern society, that a football team effects me this much, mentally and emotionally? How much would I really benefit from giving up on the Vikings?

But then, how much would I really LOSE? It sure as hell doesn't seem like much. But seriously, what's next after this? Am I really supposed to come crawling back next week to watch them play Carolina?

Yeah, I suppose I will. Fucking Vikings.