Monday, January 5, 2009

That Wasn't So Bad

My stomach feels fine. I don't feel like throwing up. My testicles are unharmed. I didn't even think about the game until well after my morning routine. And even then, I thought about it for about 10 seconds before thinking about what psycho was going to sit next to me on the train this morning.

I suppose if Vikings fans weren't so conditioned for bad losses, this would be much more upsetting. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm of the belief that the reason it took until the 11th hour to finally sell out a playoff game at the Dome was because everybody was expecting a repeat of the Week 2 game against Indy or worse, like the ticket offices had banners over their windows advertising "Punch in the Stomach - $59" and "Kick in the Nuts - $174." There were logical and legitimate reasons to believe the Vikings had no shot against Philly, two of which rhyme with Shmarvaris Crackson and Chad Billdress. If I were to make a list of NFC teams that could come into the Metrodome in January and walk out with a win, Philly would be on there.

That said, I really gotta hand it to the fans that eventually showed up - that was the drunkest crowd I've ever heard. The irrational and incessant booing towards even the most obvious calls really made Vikings fans look like geniuses. Running the clock with 1:10 left in the first half with one timeout on your own 13 yard line? BOOOOO!! A Viking receiver that didn't catch a pass that had a defender within 5 yards of him? WHERE'S THE CALL?! BOOOOOOO!! And so it goes.

While Childress is about 99% assured of coming back, lets hope he actually swallows his pride and admits his mistake with Tarvaris. He might be a good backup here or somewhere else. But as Mike Florio said today, the front office might not want the pressure of picking the wrong guy out of the possible 10 or so that should be available. Even if it's obvious to somebody with brain damage that they should throw millions at Kurt Warner.

See? I'm already optimistic about next year. Like a good and proper Vikings fan.

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